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The Prima Donnas

There is a Prima Donna in every one of us.

With a singular vision, each of these Prima Donnas has an undying pursuit of perfection. Fuelled by their passion, Prima Donnas are bold, driven and intense and have a strong calling to make things right, make things beautiful, and make a real impact in their fields.

Meet Our Prima Donnas

Jamie Koh


In her quest for crafting the perfect tropical gin, Jamie learned from the finest distillery schools around the world. 6 years on, she has created a uniquely Singapore gin that uses only Southeast Asian botanicals.


Who’s Next?

Know of someone who is a Prima Donna?

Individuals who are passionate – bold, driven and resolute. Do you know of someone like that? Someone for whom second best is not an option? A unique artisan with a story to share? Let us know and they could become our next featured Prima Donna.


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