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The Prima Donnas

There is a Prima Donna in every one of us.

With a singular vision, each of these Prima Donnas has an undying pursuit of perfection. Fuelled by their passion, Prima Donnas are bold, driven and intense and have a strong calling to make things right, make things beautiful, and make a real impact in their fields.

Meet Our Prima Donnas

Prachi Saini Garg


Restoring artistry to perfumery, Prachi conceives fragrances that capture the history and environment of Singapore. From reconstructing scents of a WWII prison cell to crafting aromas from native orchids, her unique palette stimulates the senses, and the mind.


Who’s Next?

Know of someone who is a Prima Donna?

Individuals who are passionate – bold, driven and resolute. Do you know of someone like that? Someone for whom second best is not an option? A unique artisan with a story to share? Let us know and they could become our next featured Prima Donna.


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