Sound Investments for The Flawless Audio Experience

17 April 2019

In recent years, the demand for high-end, state-of-the-art speakers has blossomed as design-loving audiophiles crave unique soundscapes for their home.

Home audio systems have evolved to become as much about style as they are about substance.

Taking the first steps to set up a home theatre system may be intimidating, but an elaborate surround sound speaker package can bring out the very best in your favourite music and movies.

Here are 5 speakers that don’t just play music to your ears, but also exude style, intelligence, and represent the future of home audio.

KEF LS50 Wireless

A pair of glossy white KEF LS50 speakers placed on a wooden table in the living room
Available in Titanium, Gloss Black or Gloss White, the KEF LS50 adds elegance to the room. Photo from Trusted Reviews

If anything, these speakers prove that small things can make a big difference. Suitable for neophytes who seek convenience and easy setup, the KEF LS50 Wireless is a dream speaker.

The wireless speakers are high-performance powered, delivering clarity, and give a top-notch bass rumble.

The tweeter is placed inside the centre of the bass which allows all the frequencies to arrive at the ear at the same time. This produces a more realistic and natural reproduction of sound, giving it a performance that almost can’t be topped.

Every feature of LS50 Wireless can be controlled from the accompanying app, available on both iOS and Andriod. Enjoy quick access to your music library and effortlessly adjust the EQ settings from the comfort of your sofa.

In addition to its modern and stylish look, critics have uniformly praised these bookshelf speakers for its breathtaking sound quality, compact design, and comprehensive connectivity.

Retail Price: From USD$2,199.99

Klipsch The Sixes

A pair of Klipsch The Sixes speakers in wood colour placed in a living room
An incredibly versatile audio system, these speakers deliver amazing acoustics no matter its source. Photo from Klipsch

The exterior of The Sixes is distinctively crafted from authentic wood veneers and tactile-spun copper switches and knobs, giving it a rustic and timeless touch to any house decor.

Since 1946, Klipsch has been perfecting quality loudspeakers by constantly inventing, discovering and hypothesising the art of sound. The Sixes-powered speakers are more than just powered monitors; they are a one-stop audio solution.

Once allowed to sing, The Sixes unleashes marvellous sonics and doesn’t lose detail at background levels. It has built-in ultra-low-noise amps that minimise clutter and seamlessly connects to Bluetooth, digital optical, analogue RRCA, USB, and 3.5mm mini jacks.

These speakers offer a wide and deep soundstage that performs beyond its physical appearance. For a welcoming and easy-to-embrace balance of pleasure and bass, The Sixes will not disappoint.

Retail Price: From USD$799

Definitive Technology BP9080x

A pair of Definitive Technology BP9080x black speakers placed next to a fireplace in the living room
Experience the fine details of in-house entertainment with these high-performance tower speakers. Photo from Definitive Technology

This stereo pair is highly sought after by avid audiophiles as its audio goodness and slender design make it stand out.

The simple design of this speaker is aided by an active subwoofer, which lets the user have independent control of the subwoofer volume on each tower. Sonically, the BP9080x does a splendid job of taking out the sharp, strident edges, leaving a much more palatable overall musical experience.

Critics have claimed that its midrange is as clear and wholesome as any other speakers. Moreover, this tower speaker has integrated height speakers for Dolby Atmos, providing you with a multi-dimensional, immersive audio experience.

If you are willing to look past a price tag and invest in a world-class stereo that creates unparalleled sound rendition, you have to get the Definitive Technology BP9080x.

Retail Price: From USD$2,186 per pair

Devialet Gold Phantom

A white Devialet Gold Phantom wireless speaker
One of the most thrilling all-in-one speakers for both the ears and the eyes. Photo from Devialet

This high-end 4,500 watts speaker stuns you the moment you unbox it. True to its name, the Devialet Gold Phantom has 22-carat rose-gold side panels.

This wireless speaker has such an unbelievable bass, it could virtually swamp the room with groundbreaking vibrations and tremors. Moreover, critics have likened it to having the same volume capability as a live rock concert.

Rest assured, though, that the touch of extreme amplification does not sacrifice the details which enhance the euphonic listening experience.

Like most modern speakers, the Phantom allows users to connect to WiFi, Bluetooth and access a full range of services such as Spotify, Soundcloud and more.

With its distortion-free sound, intricate metal grille and two large spherical woofers, it is the result of the obsessional quest for excellence.

Retail Price: From USD$2,990

Steinway Lyngdorf Model D

Three SMC Model D black coloured speakers in a living room
This is a high-performance digital sound system that is a statement-making addition to any interior. Photo from SMC

Steinway Lyngdorf produces some of the world’s finest audio systems, offering a range of bespoke designs that will suit any room theatre. Unsurprisingly, their flagship masterpiece, Model D, is a combination of state-of-the-art innovation in sound reproduction with exquisite design.

It is a full-range floor-standing dipole speaker set that boasts features such as a built-in Fully Digital Amplification with two channels and RoomPerfect™ technologies that allow the system to adapt to the room, regardless of size, furniture, or position it is placed.

Model D reigns supremity with its perfect synchronisation of signal and sound, producing flawless audio from both front and back speakers.

Glossed in a grand black lacquer finish, this high-end masterpiece is a contemporary powerhouse that likens to having a pristine concert grand piano in your living room.

Retail Price: From USD$228,000

The Sound Environment

Gone are the days when stereos have long cords, or are bulky and heavy. Now, modern stereo systems are designed to fit into living spaces. They are made to sound great, are aesthetically-pleasing, portable and wireless – making life better in general.

The result is a minimalist way of living, a lifestyle that emphasises on decluttering, making people feel comfortable in their own home, with the sound of music.

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