Remotely Luxurious: 6 Stunning Hideaways to Unwind and Unplug

24 July 2019

They say that money fills your pocket, but an adventure fills your soul.

Ask anyone and the checklist of what makes a perfect holiday to unwind will appear strikingly similar. A beautiful location, exotic experiences and luxurious solitude – all coming together to provide you with the perfect place to hide away.

So this is for you, the true adventurer, to get out and discover this treasure trove of unspoiled hideaways where you can unwind and unplug.

Pulau Nikoi, Indonesia

Aerial view of an island
With only one hotel located on the private island, Pulau Nikoi guarantees peace and quiet. Photo from Nikoi Private Island

A tiny private island on its own, Nikoi’s only accommodation is limited to one hotel. It’s only 8km off Bintan island, making it a quick and easy escape.

A beach island that looks straight out of a movie, be your very own Hollywood star and spend your days lazing on the beach, getting your adrenaline pumping with water sports and snorkel with fishes in the blue waters.

Haputale, Sri Lanka

a lush tea plantation atop a hill
Covered with lush tea plantations, Haputale is famed for being a beautiful and quiet hillside town. Photo from Trover

A little further away, a quaint hillside town almost synonymous with peace and tranquillity, Haputale is one of the most serene yet exciting towns in Sri Lanka. A breathtaking beauty, the misty hills of Haputale is a sight to behold, and a place that offers a glimpse into the Sri Lankan way of life.

Every morning, witness the town come alive as locals make their way to the bazaar to sell produce and their internationally famed teas. Stroll up the tea plantations and immerse your senses on your way to Lipton’s Seat, a spot offering a memorable view of the stunning hill country.

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Doi Inthanon, Thailand

twin pagodas set atop a mountain
Witness the magnificent King and Queen twin pagodas in their full glory. Photo from Kkday

For those looking for a getaway in Thailand that is the complete opposite of Bangkok’s ever-crowded streets, Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s highest mountain, is perfect for you.

Explore and become one with nature on the hike up to the peak. For the less physically inclined, opt to drive up the mountain through a back road from Chiang Mai.

Witness the magnificent King and Queen twin pagodas and behold the striking cascading waters of Wachirathan Waterfall. The picturesque backdrop for your hideaway, Doi Inthanon will offer you the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate in the middle of nature.

Lighthouse Korcula, Croatia

A lighthouse situated on the middle of an island
Featuring a rustic lighthouse standing proudly on the island, Korcula is a gem waiting to be found. Photo from Coolstays

Apart from the famed Game of Thrones spot that every fan cannot miss, Dubrovnik has much more to offer. A one and a half-hour ferry ride away, a luxurious lighthouse on the little island of Korcula awaits.

This hideaway is one of luxurious exclusivity and unparalleled privacy. A one-of-a-kind villa experience, Lighthouse Korcula is rustic on the outside while modern and lavish on the inside.

Let loose and soak up the sun on the shores of your private island and step into the crystal-clear cool waters for some scuba diving or swimming.

Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands), Laos

a cluster of rocks near a coastline
Si Phan Don translates directly to “four thousand islands” and is made up of a cluster of smaller islands. Photo from Flickr

Translated to “four thousand islands”, Si Phan Don is formed by a cluster of small islands along the Mekong River. Culturally rich with museums and temples scattered across the islands, the area is perfect for an enriching adventure for hikers, explorers and people simply looking for a beautiful stunning location to relax in.

A paradise for passing the days swinging in the embrace of a hammock, the tranquil islands have been described as one of the most serene places in Southeast Asia.

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A temple perched on the edges of a mountain
Perched precariously on the edge of a mountain, Bhutan’s landscape is as dramatic as it is beautiful. Photo from Forbes

Described to be out of this world, Bhutan looks like nothing you’ve ever seen. A small Buddhist nation, the country is surrounded by deep ravines and thick woods. A nation that prides itself on their people’s happiness above the material, Bhutan is a place that embodies peace and tranquillity.

Guaranteeing almost no crowds, Bhutan limits its number of visitors by regulating flights and visas for travel. A destination like none other, Bhutan is a fiercely independent and vibrant place, offering an experience money can’t buy.

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