12 Coffee-Inspired Resolutions to Fuel Your Way Through 2020

1 January 2020

We all know that New Year’s Eve is about ending the present year with celebration and champagne, but when it’s the first day of the new year, there’s nothing better than welcoming it with a hot, bracing cup of coffee whilst contemplating our list of new year resolutions.

Is your top resolution for the coming year to drink more coffee? Cheers to that! But if you’re looking to add more to the list, consider these:

Expand your coffee bean horizons

Everyone’s got their go-to coffee beans or blends. But why not try coffee beans that come from a different part of the world than what you’re used to?

If you usually buy beans from further afield like Columbia or Kenya, then give those that are closer to home a try, such as the Philippines or Indonesia.

Or how about another coffee bean variety altogether? There’s more to coffee than Arabica, you know — such as Liberica, one of the world’s rarest coffee bean varieties.

Make your coffee differently

cups of various coffee beverages placed side by side
Don’t get stuck on one type of coffee. Try a new drink every time you visit a new cafe. Photo from Cyril Saulnier

If you’ve been fairly prescriptive in your coffee drinking habits, then it’s time to get out of your comfort zone. If you normally add spoonfuls of sugar to your coffee, take it black with no sugar. Use a different type of milk or milk substitute. Brew your coffee with the pour over method rather than the usual French press.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to appreciating black coffee.

Go crazy! Who knows, you might just find a new favourite way of drinking coffee. But you’ll never know unless you try.

Thinking of ditching dairy? Find the perfect non-dairy alternative for your coffee.

Create a coffee-making ritual

Do you often consume coffee at work in a distracted, semi-panicked rush? Practice mindfulness by creating your very own coffee-making ritual in the morning.

Grind your own beans and wait for it to brew. Then make the time to actually sit down and savour your coffee before you start the day. It really makes a difference to help you collect your thoughts and plan out your day.

Drop by local cafes

An Asian lady making coffee using an espresso machine at a cafe
The establishment of a coffee culture helps in the creation of vibrant streetscapes in the neighbourhood. Photo from Ali Yahya

Spend a few weekends cafe-hopping and discover new coffee haunts. By checking out independent cafes and sharing your experience with others, you’re helping the local coffee community.

Local roasters and speciality coffee shops put in a lot of time and effort to serve you the perfect cup of coffee, so do support them! We’ve got 6 undiscovered cafes in Singapore and Malaysia to get you started.

Buy ethically-sourced coffee beans

Make yourself heard as a consumer by purchasing coffee beans that have been sourced ethically, such as those that are Fair Trade Certified.

This means that the coffee beans you’re buying have passed through production and supply chains that ensure sustainable and fair practices, both for farmers and the environment.

Go green with a reusable coffee cup

A blue coloured ceramic reusable cup from De'Longhi
Help reduce single-use disposable waste by switching to reusable coffee cups. Photo from De’Longhi

Do you often take your coffee in a plastic or paper takeaway cup? And if you go for iced coffee, does it come with a straw?

With single-use disposable products coming under the spotlight lately for their role in environmental pollution, it’s time to break the habit! Every time you use your reusable cup, that’s one less cup sent to the landfill.

Never leave the house: Get your coffee cups and accessories at the De’Longhi eshop.

Find uses for your used coffee grounds

After we’ve made our coffee, we often don’t give a second thought to the used coffee grounds and simply dump them in the trash. That’s six million tonnes of old coffee grounds sent to landfills every year.

But did you know that you’re actually throwing away a recyclable resource? Coffee grounds can be composted and turned into fertilizer, made into biofuel, and added to natural beauty products, like body scrubs and hair wash.

Check out a coffee workshop

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make proper barista-level coffee, now’s the time. There are plenty of workshops available these days for you to sharpen your coffee-making skills, ranging from beginner to advanced.

For the artistically-inclined, there are even coffee art classes, where you get to make art from coffee or coffee grounds, or create foamy latte art masterpieces. Sign up with some friends to make it a fun group activity!

Get back to the basics: Check out these local barista workshops.

Sign up for a coffee subscription

a man pouring water into a drip coffee bag
For a curated coffee experience, give coffee subscriptions a shot! Photo from Hook Coffee Facebook

There’s a subscription box for everything nowadays, so it should come as no surprise that there are quite a few available for coffee. It’s convenient if you forget to replenish your coffee stock during the weekly grocery run or if you’re interested to try different blends or flavours, but can’t be bothered to go searching for them.

All you need to do is set your preferences when you sign up, such as how often you’d like your coffee delivered or how your coffee should be prepared (e.g. whole bean, ground, drip bag or pod) — then all you need to do is wait in anticipation for your subscription to arrive.

Here’s our 2020 list of coffee subscription services to start with.

Up your coffee-making game

Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade or add to your coffee-making paraphernalia, such as a grinder or portable coffee maker… But why stop there?

If it has been your long-time wish to get a coffee machine, let this be the year you finally treat yourself. But be sure to do some homework before you decide on your dream machine so that you get the right model for your needs.

Don’t know where to start? We weigh in on the differences between a capsule machine and a fully automatic coffee machine.

Travel to a coffee destination

a lady walking along the edge of a swimming pool that is attached to a resort villa
Discover where your coffee comes from by visiting a resort nestled in a coffee farm. Photo from Munduk Moding Plantation

Coffee is probably the most cosmopolitan drink — it is consumed all around the world, with each country having its own unique way of enjoying a cuppa.

The next time you’re wondering where to go on holiday, why not consider travelling to where your coffee beans come from?

Take your next holiday to the next level by staying in a luxury resort set in the midst of a coffee plantation.

Visit famous coffee bean farms in Hawaii or Sabah. Get immersed in the coffee cultures of famous cities like Melbourne, Ho Chi Minh or Istanbul.

One thing’s for sure: you’ll never experience coffee the same way again!

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