The Prima Donnas

There is a Prima Donna in every one of us.

With a singular vision, each of these Prima Donnas has an undying pursuit of perfection. Fuelled by their passion, Prima Donnas are bold, driven and intense and have a strong calling to make things right, make things beautiful, and make a real impact in their fields.

The Gin Maker

Jamie Koh

In her quest for crafting the perfect tropical gin, Jamie learned from the finest distillery schools around the world. 6 years on, she has created a uniquely Singapore gin that uses only Southeast Asian botanicals.

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The Abstract Expressionist

Rajesh Kumar

What is art? To Rajesh, it is adopting forms and mediums to create a reality separate from the visual world. By exploring with 'unwanted' materials, he not only creates surreal art, but also practises sustainability in the process.

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The Olfactory Artist

Prachi Saini Garg

Restoring artistry to perfumery, Prachi conceives fragrances that capture the history and environment of Singapore. From reconstructing scents of a WWII prison cell to crafting aromas from native orchids, her unique palette stimulates the senses and the mind.

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The Chocolate Maker

Ning-Geng Ong

Meet the chocolate maker with an ardent passion and appreciation for chocolates like no other. Raising the bar for Malaysia's chocolate industry, Ning-Geng produces his own artisanal line of bean-to-bar chocolates made from locally-grown cocoa.

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The Bespoke Tailor

Kenny Loh

Like a beautifully crafted suit, Kenny Loh’s journey to becoming a bespoke tailor took time. It’s a philosophy he brings with him, from his early days in art school, to the leading tailor house in Malaysia.

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The Watch Advocate

Yang Minxiang

Flying the flag for small independent watch brands, Yang Minxiang is an advocate for the unchartered. Driven by his love for timepieces regardless of brand, he seeks to bring new, innovative watches into the spotlight.

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The Cheongsam Maker

Junie Yeo

Melding modernity and tradition, Junie Yeo prides herself in bringing her unique cheongsams to life. Inspired from her travels, she creates these cheongsams specially for the modern woman, something to suit their daily pursuits.

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The Floral Artist

Faradiba Anuar

Like a conductor, Faradiba orchestrates unique floral compositions, creating harmony with unexpected choices. Her plucky nature has led Faradiba to turn a longtime hobby, into a blooming business.

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The Independent Publisher

Amir Muhammad

Unconventional and sometimes controversial, Amir seeks to bring Malay-language fiction to the forefront of Malaysian literature. His distinct point of view makes him one of the most respected publishers in Malaysia.

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The Letterpress Printer

Cliff Leong

The careful and meticulous art of the decades-old process of letterpress printing is what Cliff has fallen in love with. Driven by a passion for paper and print, Cliff wants to revive the former glory of letterpress printing.

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The Woodworker

Louis Kwok

The beauty in Louis’ work is that no two pieces are ever the same. Patience is key in Louis’ approach to the delicate craft of woodworking.

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