Why the Prima Donna Elite is Worth Every Penny

23 October 2019

Can’t wake up without your morning cup of joe? We feel you. With the burgeoning market of coffee machines, it’s becoming increasingly easy to get your daily caffeine boost right at home.

However, as everyday luxuries go, coffee is the one thing in which everyone seeks the best quality, freshness and perfection. Great coffee requires fresh beans…and a machine that knows how to make coffee just right.

So you’re looking for the best coffee machine that money can buy you. How do you decide the one that makes the cut?

The Prima Donna Elite

a person pressing a button on a the De'Longhi Prima Donna Elite coffee machine
Geared with a 4.3” LCD touch screen, the intuitive interface of the Prima Donna Elite ensures maximum ease of use.

DeLonghi’s Prima Donna Elite promises professional-quality drinks from an extensive drink recipe menu, boasts peak freshness from its bean-to-cup capabilities, as well as an extremely user-friendly experience that comes with an app to boot.

We’re here to break it down for you; why the Prima Donna Elite is worth every penny – and just how it might change your life.

Dynamic Design

The De'Longhi prima donna elite coffee machine on a table with a man playing the piano in the background
With a sleek steel finish and timeless design, the Prima Donna Elite easily fits into every home.

When welcoming the Prima Donna Elite into your home, the sleek and shiny exterior melds seamlessly atop your kitchen counter. The steel finish and ergonomic design is practical and dynamic, making the machine a gorgeous addition that is compact yet packs a punch.

The modern design features a 400g beans container at the top, feeding straight into the machine and into your cup as well as a thermal milk jug that fits snugly at the side.

Accompanied by an intuitive colour LCD panel making operation incredibly easy, the machine sets the gold standard with its silent coffee grinder, double boiler system, and an automatic milk frother.

It’s clearly not just a pretty face.

Personalised Recipes

The De'Longhi Prima Donna Elite coffee machine with a variety of coffee drinks surrounding it
The Prima Donna Elite boasts a wide menu of barista-standard beverages, from classic Cafe Lattes to fancy caffeinated cocktails.

Have your coffee just the way you like it. On top of their expansive list of drink recipes ranging from the classic cafe latte to even espresso macchiatos, the Prima Donna Elite allows you to create your own special drink.

Enter the world of creativity where your drink becomes a work of art. Going beyond the simple yet classic espresso, the Prima Donna Elite offers the opportunity to add a personal touch into your very own unique coffee cocktail. Explore the options of adding hot chocolate, cold milk foam, or frothed hot milk – creating a one-of-a-kind drink.

With the freedom to customise creations, the smart machine provides the option of saving the drink into your user profile to avoid having to go through the same process every time.

It’s almost as good as having your own professional barista at home. Experience it for yourself with a De’Longhi coffee tasting session.

Smart Touches

On top of the LCD screen, the Prima Donna Elite reserves its most impressive smart features in the Coffee Link App – paired seamlessly via Bluetooth, offering you the option of remotely creating your beverage. From the app, choose your coffee’s aroma level, milk quantity and even temperature.

Software aside, the Prima Donna’s smart touches also show in their famed bean-to-cup process. At the press of a button, the coffee maker uses its thermoblock system to heat water to optimal brewing temperature (88 to 96 degrees). Subsequently, the coffee is then ground fresh and is tamped down to guarantee a professional infusion pressure of 9 to 12 bars.

Topping it all off, the machine requires little to no maintenance, with a quick and automatic cleaning that kicks in after every use – ensuring the machine’s hygiene with no effort.

The result? A perfect cup of coffee that sets the gold standard – and is worth every penny.

Shop here for the Prima Donna Elite.

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