The Ultimate Coffee Lust List

28 November 2018

We all have a friend who can’t function without a good cup of coffee.

Here’s a selection of gifts that will be sure to wake up even the most hardened caffeine addict.

Coffee grinder

a person manually grinding coffee using a coffee grinder
Coffee grinders are used to extract the flavour from the beans. Deciding on what size of coffee grind to use depends on the wanted extraction speed. Photo from Rawpixel

When it comes to making that perfect cup of coffee, it’s all about the coffee grind size.

Choosing the right grinder might not seem as important as having the best beans but it’s an essential tool for getting that creamy, rich texture we all love.

So, how do you know what grind size to use? Here’s a handy guide.

Coffee tamper

a person tampering coffee
When choosing the best coffee tamper, make sure that the diameter of the tamper matches the size of the baskets. Photo from Kristian Ryan Alimon

Made to match the coffee lover’s personality, tampers are designed to provide precision and balance to your brew of choice.

Easy to use and clean, coffee tampers are a one-of-a-kind gift that your friends will love.

Shop here for a coffee tamper.


Using the goose kettle when brewing coffee is essential for maintaining a constant temperature and executing that perfect pour. Photo from Rawpixel

One of the lesser-known facts about brewing coffee is that you need to keep the temperature of the water consistent.

Why? Well, the main ingredient in coffee is water!

A standard tea kettle is too wide to get the perfect brew – opt instead for a goose kettle and your gift will definitely be appreciated.

To-go mug

A good to-go mug is greatly appreciated as it perfectly preserves the brew.

Hot or cold, the mug helps to keep its consistency.

When choosing a mug, make sure to look for one with quality vacuum insulation and, preferably, a flip lid.

Here’s some things to consider before choosing a reusable coffee cup.

Instant Iced Coffee Maker

A cold iced brew in a mason jug
With an instant iced coffee maker, you can say goodbye to diluted coffee as you don’t have to add ice cubes to your brew. Photo from Tyler Nix

A perfect gift for the cold-brew lover! Just pour the brew into the stainless steel mug, pop it into the freezer, and you’ll get a refreshing cold brew in minutes.

This will save you the trouble of having a watered-down drink, as you don’t have to put ice cubes in your brew.

Click here for details about the instant iced coffee maker as well as other cool coffee gadgets.

Body scrub

Did you know that coffee is also beneficial for your skin?

It’s true – coffee can help boost your skin’s appearance by getting rid of toxins and giving you a radiant glow. This is because it’s a natural constrictor.

Learn more about how your daily cup of coffee can make you a better athlete.

In the form of a scrub, coffee not only helps to tighten your skin but increases your circulation too. That means you can step up your beauty routine while also sipping on your favourite brew.

After all, your internal coffee boost should match your external one.

Espresso (Moka) pot

a moka pot on the stove top
Moka pot brews coffee by using steam – the steam passes through the ground coffee which helps to achieve a stronger and more flavourful brew. Photo from Christopher Rusev

The Moka pot is one of the signature icons in coffee making. These pots can either be placed on a stove-top or are powered by electricity,

Made for anyone who enjoys a rich and creamy cuppa, it is perfect for those who love a traditional cup of coffee.

French Press

A french press with the lid taken off
Affordable and easy-to-use, the French press is oftentimes the brewing device-of-choice.Photo from Rachel Brenner

A French press coffee maker is a great solution for anyone who’s constantly on the go.

To make the coffee you just need to pour and push – easy as one, two, three!

The plunger pushes the coffee grounds to the bottom, releasing the aroma and creating a smooth texture for you to indulge in.

Here’s how to use a French Press and 4 other types of popular coffee makers.

Coffee subscription

This is the ultimate gift for that coffee-loving friend who has it all!

A coffee subscription will give them different types of roasted coffee beans from all around the world, enabling them to discover great coffee right at their doorstep.

It’s also highly customisable, so you can tailor it to their coffee preferences and desired grind size to ensure perfect extraction.

Here’s a list of coffee bean subscription services to start with.

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