Perfetto: Mastering Excellence from Bean to Cup with the Dinamica Plus

3 September 2021

Indescribable joy and satisfaction come with making a fresh cup of coffee at home that tastes just as good as one bought from your favourite coffee shop.

At De’Longhi, that perfect cup of coffee made from our coffee machines is the result of many years dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. From the passion of our engineers to our best-in-class technology and the use of the finest quality materials, immense care goes into the design and manufacturing process.

Perfetto, From Bean to Cup

Brad Pitt holding a cup of coffee from De'Longhi
Introducing Brad Pitt as De’Longhi’s “Perfetto” brand ambassador.

Welcome to our first global campaign – “Perfetto” – where perfection is made possible, from bean to cup. And no other brand ambassador fits the bill as “perfectly” for the Perfetto campaign than award-winning actor and producer Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood’s most handsome leading men.

In the video clip below, join Brad Pitt as he gives us a peek into a day of his life. Follow him on a journey to pick up his fresh coffee beans before he heads home to wind down with an aromatic cup brewed perfectly by his machine of choice – the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus Automatic Coffee Machine.



The Dinamica Plus, Engineered for Perfection

De'Longhi Dinamica Plus coffee machine
The Dinamica Plus is a dream machine for all coffee lovers. Photo from De’Longhi.

Savouring a perfect brew, made just the way you like it, is one of life’s greatest pleasures – and a perfectly engineered coffee machine like the Dinamica Plus brings greatness to every cup.

The Dinamica Plus is a fully automatic, bean-to-cup espresso machine that features the patented LatteCrema™ System for automatic milk frothing and technology-driven functions that deliver the highest level of personalisation for all your favourite recipes.

Letting Technology Do the Work

A lady pressing a button on the De'Longhi Dinamica Plus coffee machine
With one touch, brew over a dozen different and delicious coffee and espresso beverages. Photo from De’Longhi.

No skills nor preparation needed – bring your dreams to life and enjoy your perfectly made milk-based beverages at the touch of a button.

All you need is a handful of fresh coffee beans, and the Dinamica Plus’ revolutionary Integrated Grinding Technology grinds the perfect amount via its built-in Conical Burr steel grinders calibrated with 100% accuracy. This precision engineering enables consistently perfect grind fineness that is ideal for your chosen coffee beverage.

With the machine’s patented technology, simply adjust the dials on the grinder to alter the fineness of the grind to suit your taste buds.

De'Longhi Dinamica Plus coffee machine extracting a cup of coffee
The Dinamica Plus’ dual heating systems consist of a water heating circuit and dedicated thermoblock to ensure perfect espresso extraction and foamed milk. Photo from De’Longhi.

The influence of temperature on coffee brewing plays a more significant role than you might ever imagine. The Dinamica Plus’ dual heating system features Active Temperature Control and Variable Brewing Unit that guarantee precise temperature stability for milk texturing and coffee extraction.

These functions extract full aroma with ideal pressure and precise water flow to deliver a perfect espresso with a perfect crema.​

A person holding a mobile phone that shows the De'Longhi Coffee Link App
Dinamica Plus’ Bluetooth technology provides complete control over the machine with the Coffee Link App. Photo from De’Longhi.

Not all machines have an app, but the Dinamica Plus and De’Longhi’s line of technology-driven coffee machines do.

Say hello to the Coffee Link App.

This app levels up personalisation like never before. Browse through 16 recipes or create your own recipes by personalising your aroma level, milk and coffee quantity, and temperature preference within the app.

Want a cup of coffee waiting for you the moment you wake up? Whether you are in the bedroom or living room, enjoy complete remote control of your coffee machine via the app on your smartphone.

As the saying goes, “happiness is sweetest when shared”. Share the joy of the Dinamica Plus with your family and save up to three user profiles on the app. Moreover, get free access to machine maintenance tips anytime, anywhere.

There’s Nothing Like the Dinamica Plus

De'Longhi Dinamica Plus coffee machine
Browse De’Longhi’s full range of bean-to-cup coffee machines from the eShop today. Photo from De’Longhi.

Maybe you have a go-to coffee shop for a reliable cup of coffee, but there’s an endless delight in exploring the possibilities of creating your favourite recipe with this dream machine.

Find out more about the Dinamica Plus and how it redefines your coffee experience today and forever.

Buyers are also entitled to De’Longhi’s Coffee Privilege, where you can enjoy complimentary on-demand concierge for machine servicing. Don’t forget to join De’Longhi Rewards to receive exclusive eShop vouchers and members-only promotions.

Shop for the Dinamica Plus for SGD2,299 or RM5,999 today.

This article features Dinamica Plus Automatic Coffee Machine

This article features Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

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