Gift Ideas for Every Type of Housewarming Party

22 May 2019

It’s exciting moving into a new home, and you’ve probably been to a few housewarming parties with friends. While some homeowners don’t expect their guests to come bearing presents, a thoughtful gift is always appreciated.

It should come from the heart – as a blessing and well-wishing for the new home to be filled with happiness, good health and prosperity. This all means that a bottle of wine or the customary box of chocolates just won’t cut it.

Here are a few housewarming gift ideas that are meaningful and useful to the new homeowner – making you the most popular guest in the house.

Herb Plant Kit

A caucasian lady having tea and a cake
Herb plant kits make the perfect gift choice for loved ones who enjoy gardening or cooking, and even those without a green thumb. Photo from Click & Grow

Traditionally, a houseplant symbolises well wishes for the home to always have life. Spices, herbs and sugar signify sweetness and flavour. Why not put them together?

Gift the new nest-dwellers with a herb kit, where they get the experience of caring for a beautiful plant in their new home, as well as the satisfaction of growing their very own organic herbs. For the less green-fingered individuals, low-maintenance, self-sustaining plant kits exist too (albeit with a heftier price tag).

Here’s where you can start your herb garden from scratch: 3 in 1 Herb Garden

For those wanting a low-maintenance alternative, we suggest a fool-proof kit: Click & Grow

Wireless Button Pusher

a person controlling living room lights through a mobile app
Designed to mechanically control switches and buttons wirelessly, this gadget is a precious gift to tech-lovers. Photo from MicroBot

For the ultimate techie, your friends would love this little addition to their homes. A wireless button pusher offers them the option to activate and push any buttons without lifting a finger, quite literally.

This smartphone-operated robot is simple yet handy, functioning like a personal assistant that helps you push any button that is either a push-in or a touch screen. Perfect for adding a smart home touch to any old appliance.

Get your smart home automation here.

Find out to brew smarter and better with these 5 mobile coffee mobile apps.

Smart Mirror Personal Assistant

A man adjusting his tie while looking at the mirror
Combine a fancy mirror with smart features, and you get a mirror that becomes your virtual personal assistant. Photo from The Gadget Flow

Another step into the future, this smart mirror functions as a wonderful daily mirror as well as a personal assistant. Gift your friend the life of Tony Stark through a smart mirror that works off facial recognition and provides the daily user with a customisable selection of information.

This gift ensures a unique addition to their new home, as well as something they will get to use every day.

Pre-order the MirroCool here.

Coffee Subscription

a filter drip coffee placed on a table in the living room
Gift your loved one with a coffee subscription that delivers unique and aromatic coffee beans to their doorstep. Photo from Wade Austin Ellis

Instead of wine, consider gifting a coffee subscription. Coffee lovers are most likely to have a home coffee system to sate their caffeine urges. Whichever their machine of choice, a cup of good coffee is always a great idea. Reward their hard work from the move with the pleasant experience of waking up to an aromatic fresh brew.

Here’s how you bring it to the next level. Instead of guessing their coffee of choice, buy them a coffee subscription, and let them discover their favourite brew themselves.

Here are some subscriptions we recommend.

Distinta Flair Toasters and Kettles

The De'Longhi Distinta breakfast collection
De’Longhi’s new Distinta breakfast collection will bring a statement of distinct elegance to a new home. Photo from De’Longhi

Jazzing up the kitchen table, DeLonghi’s Distinta Flair collection of toasters and kettles are anything but dull. With a brushed metal exterior and chrome accents, they add a touch of sophistication anywhere.

So what better gift than to present your new home-owning friends with the perfect addition to their home, than a breakfast experience like none other?

When it comes to housewarming gifts, the more meaningful, the better. Think about how you might add a personal touch to the gift, and choose something you know your friends and family will love.

Looking for more gift ideas for the coffee enthusiast? Here’s 9 more.

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