Craft Your Perfect Cup of Coffee with the La Specialista Prestigio

8 September 2021

Meet the new La Specialista Prestigio. It’s De’Longhi’s latest innovative manual coffee machine for the passionate coffee lover who wants to brew artisanal coffee with a high-performance coffee machine.

Designed for the coffee connoisseur who enjoys making coffee just as much as drinking it, the La Specialista Prestigio has added features to give you more control at each stage of the bean to cup process. Think about your personal preferences when it comes to coffee, and the machine will provide you with the tools to serve your cup of java the way you like it.

See what you’ll get when you order the new La Specialista Prestigio:

What’s New

If you’re familiar with the La Specialista from our first release, you might be wondering what’s new with the La Specialista Prestigio model.

Very quickly, here are the new features. We’ll go through them in detail in a minute.

  • Eight grind settings to play with, up from six
  • Dynamic pre-infusion, instead of fixed
  • Single-wall filters, instead of double-wall
  • Three temperature profiles, instead of two
  • My Latte Art, an upgrade from Advanced Latte System

Choose from Eight Grind Settings For Your Coffee Beans

a man pouring coffee beans into the De'Longhi La Speciaalista Prestigio coffee machine
La Specialista Prestigio’s Sensor Grinding Technology makes consistent grinding a breeze.

Baristas who love experimenting with beans from different origins will appreciate having a wider choice of grind settings. Why does grind matter? Because it’ll affect how your coffee tastes.

The reason we use different grind sizes is to avoid over or under extracting coffee. Too coarse a grind, and you may end up with under-extracted coffee that is sour, acidic and salty. Too fine, and your coffee could be over-extracted, resulting in a bitter, hollow and tasteless drink.

In the La Specialista Prestigio, level 1 provides the finest grind setting, and level 8 is the coarsest. Start experimenting with your grind size today to brew your perfect coffee.


Enjoy Higher Quality Extraction with Dynamic Pre-Infusion

espresso being extracted from the De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio coffee machine
With the dynamic pre-infusion technology, enjoy perfect espresso extraction every time, without fail.

Pre-infusion is when you gently soak the puck of ground coffee in your portafilter before applying the full pressure. This ensures that water will evenly penetrate the grounds for a more consistent flow of water during extraction.

If your coffee grounds are not levelled evenly, ‘channelling’ might happen. Like a river, water will form mini ‘channels’ as it flows through your puck. This may lead to unbalanced flavours in your espresso.


With La Specialista Prestigio’s innovative technology, dynamic pre-infusion adjusts the length of the pre-infusion according to the density of the coffee dose. The extra heartbeat of a second that it gives could be all you need for the right pre-infusion and quality extraction.

Switch to A Single-Wall, Non-Pressurised Basket

coffee making accessories
La Specialista Prestigio’s single-wall filters are preferred by coffee professionals due to its greater control of each extraction.

Are you ready to gain more control over your coffee extraction process? La Specialista Prestigio sports single-wall filters, just like in professional coffee machines used in coffee shops.

Compared to double-wall filters, a single-wall filter (also known as a non-pressurised basket) has no extra layer to manipulate the pressure for extracting your espresso. So you have more versatility in deciding how you want your coffee to taste.

We also introduced a bigger basket that can accommodate a higher coffee dose of 20g, just like in espresso recipes commonly used professionally. Time to make professional-standard coffee in the comfort of your home!


Only the Right Temperature For Your Coffee Beans

The De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio Coffee Machine
The Active Temperature Control technology controls temperature stability to optimise coffee extraction.

One of the most commonly overlooked variables in brewing your own coffee is water temperature. Water temperature affects the rate of extraction — the hotter the water, the faster it extracts oils, acids and caffeine from your coffee beans.

Too hot, and you might over-extract, making your coffee taste too bitter. Too cold, and you might under-extract, making your coffee lack body.


La Specialista Prestigio lets you choose from three temperature profiles between 90° and 96°C to accommodate different coffee bean varieties. The water temperature is precisely controlled, ensuring temperature stability and extraction consistency. Bring out the full flavour of your beans, no matter which variety or blend you try.

Create Delightful Latte Art With Help From My LatteArt Steam Wand

creating latte art from frothed milk made from the De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio coffee machine
The enhanced steam wand perfectly textures velvety milk for latte art creations.

The enhanced steam wand perfectly textures velvety milk for latte art creations.

Re-create professional coffee at home by topping off your cups of latte with latte art, made easier thanks to La Specialista Prestigio’s enhanced steam wand.

Effortlessly achieve the silky, smooth textured milk that you need for the classic rosetta using the new heating system that keeps this need in mind. Latte art doesn’t have to be exclusive to cafes anymore.


Unlimited Possibilities in One Machine

Range of the De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio Coffee Machine
Have the confidence to craft your taste with the De’Longhi La Specialista Prestigio.

The stylish and capable La Specialista Prestigio is like no other coffee machine. It builds on the thoughtful design and technology of its predecessor, the award-winning La Specialista, to offer passionate coffee lovers and aspiring baristas a high degree of control and personalisation when brewing their cups of coffee.

Experience the confidence to craft your taste.

Only with La Specialista Prestigio.

Shop now, from SGD1,599 or MYR4,499.

This article features La Specialista Prestigio

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