6 of the Best Coffee Gadgets for the Connoisseur

12 June 2019

We all appreciate a good cup of coffee to perk us up. With an unlimited range of gadgets in the market that are vying to be the best, selecting one for yourself is similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

Here’s our pick of the best coffee gadgets for the coffee connoisseur, each hand-picked and evaluated based on its design, functionality, usability and most important of all, the level of perfection it brings to your espresso.

The Manual Espresso Machine

a person making coffee through a manual espresso machine
ROK’s range of grinders and coffee makers are always re-engineered to improve the coffee-making experience. Photo from Presso New Zealand

The ROK Espresso Maker is a manual, non-electric espresso machine that doesn’t just look like a sturdy wine opener, but also makes espresso that tastes as fine as wine.

The hands-on approach to making your coffee makes this gadget a joy to work with, making it even more satisfying when you produce a cup with that perfect layer of crema, aka the holy grail of coffee.

Made from high-quality die-cast aluminium, all you need is ground coffee and hot water to make the magic shot of espresso. What’s more, it includes a 10-year warranty on all metal parts.

Get your manual espresso maker here: ROK EspressoGC

The Cold Water Coffee Dripper

A Hario Cold Water Coffee Drip
An eye-catching cold-drip maker that resembles an apparatus from the chemistry lab. Photo from Coffee Machine Specialist

For those who enjoy a cold brew in this tropical weather, this classic cold-drip gadget creates a smooth and mellow coffee.

Many connoisseurs have named this as the coffee maker of patience, only because the entire dripping process takes five to seven hours. But, as the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait”.

Adjust the robustness of your coffee by experimenting between fine, medium and large coffee grounds. To know which grinds to use for your coffee machine or a cold-drip maker, here is a handy guide.

It’s now possible to create your barista-grade cold brew at home by just filling the top chamber with ice cubes and cold water, add your coffee grounds, and enjoy a cuppa that carries the sweetest, extra flavourful concentrate.

An Electric Milk Frother

With a sleek Italian design combined with a matt metallic finish, the Distinta Electronic Milk Frother is a piece of art in the kitchen. Photo from De’Longhi

A fan of cappuccinos or lattes? Or maybe your espresso machine doesn’t come with a milk frother? Then this gadget is made for you.

With a single press of a button, whip up a perfect froth with the De’Longhi’s Distinta Electronic Milk Frother. Moreover, its transparent lid gives you a unique view of what goes on during a frothing process.

As it’s waterproof, with a non-stick inner coating, cleaning is a breeze. The drop-in whisk is removable too. Choose between hot or cold frothing, and the Distinta will create a froth befitting a hot coffee or iced chocolate.

Treat your coffee to a silky-smooth foamy top: Distinta Electric Milk Frother

Here are more ways to froth milk at home.

Make your Coffee Anywhere

A person making coffee on a mountain using a portable coffee gadget
Get your caffeine fix anytime, anywhere with the Wacaco MiniPresso portable coffee maker. Photo from Wacaco

If you are constantly on the road or enjoy backpacking, and have limited to no access to cafes and coffee machines, this portable coffee maker from Wacaco is an asset.

Many users have praised this lightweight and compact gadget for being able to produce a shot that is creamy, bold, flavourful, and comparable to espressos from commercial coffee machines.

Just add ground coffee and hot water to the Wacaco and hand pump your shot of espresso into the lid which also functions as a cup.

Get your portable coffee gadget: Wacaco MiniPresso GR

Instant Iced Coffee Maker

pouring coffee into an iced coffee maker
Transform your hot beverage to an icy drink in less than 5 minutes with the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker. Photo from The Gadget Flow

You might have been icing your coffee wrongly this whole time. Fret not, with the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker, you can enjoy iced coffee without the risk of making it diluted from ice cubes.

Simply leave the stainless steel mug in the freezer and in as little as five minutes, your piping hot beverage transforms into a refreshing cold brew.

On the other hand, if you prefer your coffee piping hot for hours, here’s what to look out for in a reusable coffee cup.

We have more good news for the accident-prone ones. This travel mug is spill-resistant and has a removable sipping straw that makes drinking on-the-go convenient.

Get your instant iced coffee maker here: Zoku Grey Iced Coffee Maker

The Machine that Understands You Better than Your Barista

The De'Longhi Prima Donna Elite coffee machine
A futuristic coffee machine that is beautifully designed and well-engineered with smart technology. Photo from De’Longhi

In this day and age of technology, almost every appliance in our homes is getting the “smart” treatment, so why not our coffee machine?

With its bean-to-cup coffee delivery, auto-steaming and frothing of milk, plus a mobile app integration that provides remote access to all machine functions, the De’Longhi Prima Donna Elite Experience is perhaps one of the smartest coffee machines in the market now.

This smart home gadget brings you into the world of coffee creativity by letting you create your own recipes from scratch, all with a simple tap on its 4.3” colour touch screen.

The Prima Donna Elite Experience is truly so versatile as if it was custom-made for a special someone in mind, like you.

Experience the new generation of coffee machines: The Prima Donna Elite Experience

Need a reason to switch from a traditional coffee machine to a bean-to-cup? We’ve got three good ones.

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