Things to Consider When Choosing a Reusable Coffee Cup

15 May 2019

Disposable coffee cups are an easy solution for someone who wants to get a coffee fix on-the-go.

But with reusable coffee cups gaining ground among environmentally conscious consumers nowadays, more retailers are manufacturing their own branded coffee cups and claiming to be the winner amongst all.

If you are shopping around for a perfect reusable coffee cup, we’ve summarised the most important factors you might want to consider before investing in one.

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Spill-proof Lid

Coffee stains on your workwear or having the lid fall loose while driving is a nightmare we all want to avoid.

Many brands claim that their cups are spill-proof but unsurprisingly fail to pass the test when you fill it with your brew. Play it safe by choosing lids that have double-layered rubber seals to ensure a tight seal between the lid and cup.

It is also more durable to choose coffee cups that have a slide-lock lid as compared to flap-locks. Over time, the flap-locks wear and tear, which don’t ensure a tight lock and seal.

Moreover, having a slide-lock allows you to unlock the lid with one hand, making on-the-go sipping fuss-free especially while driving!

Lightweight and Shatterproof

a person throwing a coffee cup into the air
Plastic reusable coffee cups are not only lightweight but shatterproof, unlike glass. Photo from Ryan Everton

Remember those heavy-duty, stainless steel thermos flasks of our childhood that we (or our dads) used for hot beverages?

The great news is that there is an array of reusable coffee cups made from lightweight materials today, making travel convenient and fuss-free.

Investing in a good coffee cup is not cheap. So choose one that can serve its purpose for the long-run by being unbreakable. If you are a klutz, it is best to stay away from a glass coffee cup.

Retains Heat

When it comes to coffee, temperature and insulation matters. If you are a slow coffee drinker, buy a double-walled coffee cup as it keeps your coffee hot longer than a single-walled cup. Besides, it doubles up as a cold drink tumbler.

Needless to say, plastic and glass coffee cups will lose the heat game fast due to their poor insulation properties. Yet, ceramic coffee cups have been gaining popularity due to their improved ability to keep drinks hot and cold for prolonged periods. This means that you can enjoy the fine notes in your brew for as long as possible.

Most importantly, it is not just the beans that decide the quality of your brew; temperature plays an equally paramount role. So if your coffee gets cold, its taste is compromised.

Loss or Impartation of Flavour

a hand model holding a stainless steel tall cup
Some stainless steel coffee cups tend to impart a metallic taste into your coffee. Photo from Andrew Neel

Have you ever experienced an odd “metallic” aftertaste after drinking from a stainless steel cup? That is due to the reaction of metal with the compounds in your beverage. What’s more, there are approximately 1,000 compounds in coffee that can react with metal, imparting strange notes into your brew.

Also, plastic absorbs smells and flavours of whatever that has been stored in the coffee cup. Sometimes, the odour lingers regardless of the frequency of washing the cup, making your coffee taste bad.

When was the last time you descaled your coffee machine? Here’s why you need to clean it once every 3-4 months.

To retain the original taste of your coffee, consider ceramic and glass coffee cups for they neither absorb nor impart flavour.

Plastic vs Glass vs Ceramic

Plastic may seem like the right choice due to its weight. However, with the transfer of odour impacting the coffee, plastic coffee cups are not the first on our list.

Glass coffee cups are classic and minimalist but just one crack, and it may shatter. Although many glass coffee cups are now made with toughened glass, its thermal qualities still can’t exceed ceramic coffee cups.

The winner on this list is ceramic coffee cups. With its solid thermal retention, it leaves us with zero worries in temperature impacting the brew.

The Distinctively Blue Cup

the De'Longhi x Sttoke Distinctively Blue ceramic reusable cup
Featuring the world’s first shatterproof ceramic reusable cup in a limited edition Distinctively Blue. Photo from De’Longhi

Sleek, shatterproof, lightweight and designed to capture the hearts of those who enjoy the finest – STTOKE is the World’s First Shatterproof Ceramic Reusable Cup that will change the way you’ve been drinking coffee.

With a German engineered ceramic coating, the cup is not only easy to clean but has a double wall stainless steel interior that will keep your coffee hot for up to 3 hours.

Together with STTOKE, De’Longhi created the Ceramic Reusable Cup in Distinctively Blue, dedicated to enhancing your coffee lifestyle. Now, you can enjoy every cuppa the way it’s meant to be – with consistency in temperature and taste.


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