Coffee Bean Subscription Services To Try

a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans

Always running out of coffee? No time to drop by the grocer? With the influx of e-commerce services, subscription-based services have been gaining popularity lately. Coffee bean subscriptions are not lagging far behind. If you are interested in meshing up stress-free convenience with savings, here is our list of artisanal coffee bean subscription services in […]

Coffee Bean Bucket List: 5 Coffee Beans You Must Try

crushing coffee cherries with a large stone

When you first started drinking coffee, you probably didn’t care about where your coffee came from or what it specifically tasted like – you just needed a jolt of caffeine in order to properly wake up in the morning. But if you’ve grown to become a serious coffee fan, you’d realise there’s actually a lot […]

Kapeng Barako: The Endangered Philippine Liberica

a plant sprouting

In the Philippines, coffee is the most consumed beverage after water. A 2015 study by research firm Kantar Worldpanel found that coffee is a staple drink for Filipinos, who have shifted from being moderate to heavy coffee drinkers. This probably isn’t a surprise for those in metro Manila and other urbanised areas, which are chock-full […]

Kintamani Coffee: The Balinese Brew of a Spiritual Kind

a cup of latte placed on a wooden table

Think of Indonesian coffee and chances are the first thing that comes to mind is kopi luwak, aka civet coffee made from beans plucked from the faeces of Asian palm civets. Find out why kopi luwak is said to be the coffee bean for crazy rich Asians. But there are bigger, more popular varieties that […]

Coffee: Flavours of Indonesia

a hand lifting up coffee cherries that are still on the coffee plant

From Bali Kintamani to Mandheling, there’s much to explore and savour in the world of Indonesian coffee. The culture behind Indonesia’s coffees is much like the colours on an artist’s palette: each region has single-origin coffees that exhibit vibrant and distinctive tasting notes. Read more: Single Origin Coffee: What Is It, and Is It Worth […]

Roasted in Vegetable Fat

a sunset silhouette of Cambodia

Angkor Wat, the Tonle Sap Lake and rapid modernisation: these are probably some of the things that come to mind when you think about Cambodia. But travel further east towards Mondulkiri Province and you may discover a different Cambodia altogether. Mondulkiri is Cambodia’s largest and also most sparsely populated province, but offers a unique setting […]

Coffee Beans for the Crazy Rich Asian

a Civet cat standing on a coffee plant

Fermentation, digestive tract and expensive coffee beans from Southeast Asia. As a coffee connoisseur, or simply a coffee enthusiast, you probably know where we are heading. Kopi luwak, or civet cat coffee. Typically sold at US$100 to US$500 (SG$137 to SG$684) per kilogram, kopi luwak was popularised from Indonesia and in Vietnam too, where it’s sold as ca […]

Thailand’s Specialty Beans

a farmer from a hill tribe harvesting coffee beans

In the Golden Triangle region of Thailand, Doi Chang was once known for its opium production but since the 1980s, farmers have been turning to arabica coffee plants, which have thrived in the rich soil and cool weather. Southeast Asia is home to remarkable treasures, including hilly areas that have proven fertile and rich beds […]

Grinding Your Own Coffee: Size DOES Matter

an infographic showing the difference between coarse and fine coffee grind size

In the coffee world, crema – the coveted layer of amber foam on a freshly brewed cup of espresso – is hailed as the mark of an excellent espresso, and is much sought after by enthusiasts and baristas.

Sawbwa Coffee in Shan State: from Poppy to Coffee

a person pouring hot water from a kettle into a filter coffee gadget

Myanmar: a nation of abundant natural resources. Rubies, oil and gas, and teak all spring to mind when the Southeast Asian country is mentioned. But in recent years, Myanmar has been producing a significant amount of arabica coffee, driven by newcomers like Sawbwa Coffee. Learn more about the Arabica, Liberica, and Robusta beans. Made in […]

Small Batch Roasters in Singapore

coffee beans and ground placed across a table

In the coffee world, crema – the coveted layer of amber foam on a freshly brewed cup of espresso – is hailed as the mark of an excellent espresso, and is much sought after by enthusiasts and baristas.

Ipoh Old Town’s White Coffee: What Is It and Why Is It “White”?

Bustling cities, gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests and delicious food – when you hear “Malaysia”, these are probably the words that first come to mind. But did you know that the Southeast Asian country is also known for white coffee? This is not any ol’ flat white, though – we’re talking about a beverage that’s truly […]

Know Your Coffee Beans – Arabica, Robusta, Liberica

Coffee is more than a beverage. It has evolved from an energising drink into an international phenomenon. When the coffee plant, and the beans it produced, was first discovered in Ethiopia in the 10th century, its fame quickly spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula and by the 15th century coffee cultivation and trade was soaring, particularly […]

Black Ivory: The World’s Rarest Coffee

a closeup shot of an elephant's face

In northeastern Thailand, Arabica beans are fed to elephants. They are then picked out from their waste before being washed and roasted to produce Black Ivory Coffee. Sound familiar? That’s probably because you’re likening it to kopi luwak, aka civet coffee, which is made from coffee beans plucked from the faeces of Asian palm civets. […]

Toraja Coffee: The Coffee That Sparked War

traditional torajan houses

Throughout history, people have started wars for various reasons. Oil, gold, territorial gains, nationalism…. we’ve heard it all before. But a coffee war? Well it happened in Toraja, Indonesia. This is Toraja The story begins in a tiny mountainous region located about 1,500 metres above sea level in South Sulawesi. With high altitudes, weak acidic […]