10 Useful Hacks To Repurpose Old Coffee Beans

hand pouring roasted coffee beans

Coffee beans past their expiration will not make you sick; they will just lose their flavour and intensity. If you’ve got more coffee beans than you can brew or are about to throw away those that have expired, repurpose them instead. Old coffee beans can accomplish wonderful things around your house if you give them […]

Arabica vs Robusta: Which Should You Choose?

Coffee beans in a kettle

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the endless choices when shopping for coffee beans. To help you navigate the coffee bean market, today we’re taking a step back to discuss the main differences between the two main types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. But first, some quick facts. Arabica beans make up about 60% […]

Coffee from India: Full of Spice, Intensity, and History

a cup of coffee placed on a window ledge

You may know India as a tea-drinking nation, but you’ll be amazed to find out about the country’s rich history when it comes to coffee. The drink’s origin dates back to 1600 AD when Baba Budan, a legendary merchant and 16th-century Sufi, went to Mecca on a pilgrimage and smuggled seven coffee beans from Yemen […]

5 Awesome Arabica Roasts to Try From Around the World

coffee beans on a table

Do you like your cup of coffee super caffeinated for that extra kick? Is that strong, nutty, earthy flavour important, or do you prefer fruity, slightly more delicate notes? How you answer questions like that will determine which team you’re on: Arabica or Robusta. If you’re in the camp of “less caffeine” and “light and […]

A Guide to Buying Fresh Coffee Beans Online

a laptop and cup of coffee on the table

Let’s face it, online shopping is unbeatable for today’s lifestyles, or what many are calling “the new normal”. Of course, there are plenty of good reasons why many still prefer making in-store purchases; you can see the item, feel the item, and at times, even try the item, thus greatly decreasing your chances of dealing […]

Our 2021 List of Top Coffee Subscriptions in Singapore and Malaysia

a bag of coffee beans on the table

For many of us, 2021 has meant more working from home and less going out on weekends to stay safe during the pandemic. This has often resulted in fewer trips to our favourite local coffee shops in town or near our workplaces. Thankfully for coffee lovers, more roasteries are offering subscription services that send us […]

A Guide to Costa Rican Coffee: History, Production and Taste

coffee cherries on a coffee tree

Costa Rican coffee is renowned for its exceptional quality. In fact, coffee connoisseurs laud Costa Rican coffee as among the world’s best. Let’s find out what makes Costa Rican so desirable, while learning about the historical moments that shaped this Central American country’s coffee culture. History Coffee is synonymous with Costa Rica’s history, and continues […]

A Guide to Buying the Freshest Coffee Beans

a top view of coffee beans in a bag

The easiest way to brew the best cup of coffee at home begins with buying the freshest beans. Having good beans is half the battle won, so here’s what you should be looking out for. Ditch the Supermarket Seeking the best and freshest coffee beans? Step right away from the supermarket and head straight to […]

A Coffee Bean’s Journey from Tree to Green Coffee

green coffee cherries on a coffee plant

Have you ever wondered what happens on a coffee farm? For one, your coffee beans are actually seeds and are called ‘coffee cherries’. And second, it can take up to five years before these coffee beans reach you. Let’s take a look at the fascinating journey your coffee bean takes before it’s sent to the […]

All You Need to Know About Robusta Coffee

coffee beans scattered on a black marble table

You’ve probably heard of Arabica coffee, the world’s most popular coffee bean. Second to that is Robusta coffee, which makes up an estimated 40% of global coffee production. When combined, Arabica and Robusta make up close to 99% of coffee beans produced each year, with the rare Liberica making up for the remaining 1%. However, […]

Taking a Sip of the Coffee Scene in Singapore and Malaysia

coffee served in a traditional mug

Entering the traditional coffee shops of Singapore and Malaysia is like stepping back in time to the 1980s. They are more than just a place to grab a quick kopi (coffee) or a serving of soft boiled eggs – they are a second home for many local folks. But what’s so special about these hangouts, […]

Coffee Comes From Cherries and 7 Other Juicy Facts

red coffee cherries growing on a tree

The common conception of coffee is that of a dark, bitter, and caffeinated beverage that is derived from brown beans. Here’s the truth – technically, coffee beans aren’t beans. They are seeds from a fruit. So, grab a cup of your favourite brew as we pick out some rich and tasty facts about the coffee […]

Arabica Coffee: The World’s Most Popular Coffee Bean

Green and red coffee cherries growing on a plant

Perk up, coffee fans. It’s National Coffee Day on 1st October every year and there’s no better way to celebrate this caffeinated day other than learning more about the world’s most popular coffee bean, the Arabica. Arabica plants are considered to produce some of the world’s finest coffee beans and contribute to approximately 60% of […]

Organic vs Regular Coffee Beans – Is Organic Worth the Price?

coffee cherries growing on a coffee plant

The word “organic” has taken over the world by storm with most grocery stores offering organic versions of your favourite food, and the same goes with organic coffee. What’s the difference between organic and regular coffee? Does it taste different and is the heftier price tag worth it? We find out. What makes coffee organic? […]

A Guide to Vietnamese Coffee and How to Make It

Vietnamese drip coffee and an empty tall glass on a table

Vietnam, more widely known for its strong and flavourful local coffee, is the world’s second-largest producer of coffee and top producer of the Robusta bean. The Southeast Asian country’s hilly landscapes and cooler climate make it the perfect location for coffee plantations.  The next time you travel to Vietnam, walk down the streets of Hanoi […]

Our 2020 List of Coffee Subscriptions from Singapore and Malaysia

coffee being extracted from a coffee machine to a white cup

Many of us start each morning with a cup of coffee or two to fuel ourselves for a busy day ahead. But sometimes, life can get busy, giving little time to head to the supermarket to restock our coffee supply. You might want to get started on a coffee subscription service to enjoy convenience plus […]

Why You Should Care About A Coffee Bean’s Roasting Date

coffee beans being roasted

A new bag of coffee beans from the supermarket doesn’t guarantee freshness. One common mistake that most of us make is checking the expiry date and overlooking the roasting date; it’s the one detail that makes the difference between a perfect cup of coffee and one that falls flat. What’s so important about checking the […]

What is the Shelf Life for Coffee Beans and Grounds?

3 portafilters placed side by side

One of the most common questions asked about coffee is: does it expire? Well, technically no, coffee doesn’t have a fixed expiry date. However, that doesn’t mean that your 6-month old coffee bean will make the same tasting coffee from a freshly roasted bean. So how long do coffee beans and grounds last, and how […]

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Coffee Beans for Yourself

a scoop of coffee beans

We’ve all been there at some point – staring at a selection of coffee beans, reading about its origin and flavour profiles, but still feeling disappointed upon taking the first sip of that brew. Who would have known that the process of choosing the right beans for ourselves is similar, if not, more mind-boggling than […]

All About the Bean: From Grinding to Storage

coffee beans in a plastic bag

So, you’ve treated yourself to a fresh bag of coffee beans. How do you care for the coffee beans to make sure your morning java stays fresh for as long as possible? Better care of coffee beans makes better-tasting coffee ― and that’s something all of us would appreciate in the morning to boost our […]

Everything You Need To Know About Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemala coffee beans in a coffee grinder

That bag of beans sitting on the shelf of your favourite cafe probably comprises single origin coffee beans. Your barista loads the beans into the espresso machine, and out comes a stream of espresso that makes your morning a little better — with a fantastic flavour and just the right amount of caffeine kick. The […]

Coffee and Its Beans from Around the World

coffee beans spilling out from a ceramic cup

If you love coffee, you probably will have a cuppa during the same time everyone else does — as the first thing in the morning. In every country around the world, early risers wake up, get out of bed, and have coffee. But that doesn’t mean we’re all drinking coffee in the same way. How […]

Liberica Coffee: The Rarest Type of Coffee

a gold cup surrounded by coffee beans

It’s common knowledge that most of the coffee beans produced commercially come from two varieties: Arabica and Robusta. But did you know that there are actually other lesser-known varieties of coffee bean? One of them is Liberica, which accounts for less than 2% of commercially-produced coffee worldwide. In this article, we’ll tell you all you […]