8 Easy Tips and Hacks for Brewing Better Coffee at Home

a person reading a book while drinking coffee

While visiting your favourite cafe to enjoy that morning cuppa is great, you have to admit there’s something magical about not having to step out of your house for a quality cup of coffee. Be your own barista and follow these eight amazing tips and hacks for the perfect brew right in the comfort of […]

Your Essential Guide to Making Latte Art

heart shaped latte art

Once you’ve nailed the basics of making espresso, latte art might be your next destination. Before we start, know that latte art takes a lot of time and practice, so don’t be too quick to give up if your initial attempts don’t go as planned. Even professional baristas don’t get it right the first time, […]

Unusual Coffee Brews from Around the World

coffee beans scattered across a table

Coffee: it’s such a popular drink of choice, and many can’t function throughout the day without their daily cuppa (getting it cafe-standard is easy if you’ve got the slim and sleek Dedica). But all over the globe, it’s prepared differently, and versions vary from country to country, sometimes even city to city. Here are some […]

11 Great Espresso Drinks to Make at Home

cups of coffee

Coffee lovers — owning an espresso machine at home is like having a ticket to the glorious world of easy-to-make, homemade espresso-based drinks. But first, make sure you’ve mastered how to make the perfect shot of espresso. From a classic latte to a fancy Dirty Chai Latte, here’s a list of our favourite coffee beverages […]

Your Complete Guide to Common Coffee FAQs

three cups, each filled with coffee beans, grounds, and coffee

Got coffee-related questions brewing? Here are our answers to the most common questions we receive from our readers. Coffee Beans 101 What are Arabica beans? Arabica beans are one of three main types of coffee beans that are processed for drinking. The other two main types are called Robusta and Liberica beans. Arabica beans tend […]

How to Incorporate Coffee Into Your Keto Diet?

pouring coffee into a cup from a moka pot

Being on a ketogenic diet doesn’t mean having to give up coffee. By making careful choices on what you add into your coffee, you can continue enjoying your daily brew while keeping to your low-carb, high-fat keto diet. The biggest tip for coffee lovers on a keto diet is to avoid high-carb additions such regular […]

How does Pressure Affect the Intensity of Coffee?

espresso being extracted into a cup from a coffee machine

There are many factors that contribute to the quality of your coffee and pressure is a key aspect. Here’s what you should know about managing pressure to get your best brew. When it comes to coffee, the ‘rules’ are not set in stone. While it’s important to learn the basics, it’s always up to you […]

Debunking the Common Myths About Coffee

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How much do you really know about your favourite beverage? There are many myths that surround coffee and you’ll be surprised to know that what you may believe as ‘truths’ may well be just ‘fake news’. Here are five common myths about coffee and the truths behind them. Coffee is Dehydrating This is probably one […]

Coffee Cupping: How to Taste Coffee Like a Pro

a person carrying out a coffee cupping session

In the world of coffee, no two brews taste the same. Much like wine, coffee has many different varieties and complexities. Flavour, aroma, sweetness, bitterness, acidity and finish – these are just some of the characteristics of coffee that make each cuppa unique and infinitely desirable. By learning how to do coffee cupping at home, […]

How Is Coffee Fermented and How to Make It at Home?

freshly picked red coffee cherries

Fermentation is a biological process where yeast, bacteria, and other microorganisms break down sugars into simpler substances. It is a key part of post-harvest coffee processing. From seed to cup, you’ll be surprised at the role of fermentation and how its different stages open a new world of aromas, flavours, and depth to your coffee. […]

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthier

two cups of coffee surrounded by various fruits

There is no surprise why coffee is fast becoming one of the most popular beverages around the world. But have you ever wondered — how healthy is coffee? For avid coffee lovers, you’ll be pleased to know that coffee consumption and health are closely linked. In fact, one cup of coffee per day can make […]

Everything You Need to Know About Bulletproof Coffee

a cup of coffee

Rich, creamy, and filled with healthy fats – these are some of the characteristics of bulletproof coffee, also known as butter coffee. “Butter coffee?!” Yes. Butter is the main ingredient of this interesting brew which was created by the originator of the Bulletproof Diet, Dave Asprey, an American entrepreneur and author. This high calorie cup […]

How to Reduce Acidity in Coffee

coffee being extracted into a stainless steel cup

Like most things in life, a good tasting cup of coffee all comes down to balance. Not too sweet, not too bitter – it often comes down to personal preference. Another important factor to consider is its level of acidity. Most coffee varieties are acidic. That burst of tang that you taste in your first sip, […]

9 Ways to Be a More Eco-Friendly Coffee Drinker

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In celebration of the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, let’s take small steps toward becoming a more sustainable coffee drinker to ensure our coffee cup stays full well into the future. Here are 9 easy ways to get started: Support Responsible Growers Take a closer look at the label on your coffee beans as it […]

3 Great Reasons to Support Your Local Coffee Shop

person standing behind a counter in a cafe

Do you have a favourite local independent coffee shop? Perhaps it’s located near to where you live, close to your office, or handily placed near the school where you drop off your kids each morning. You might use it as a quick early pitstop or treat it as a remote workspace for a leisurely afternoon […]

How to Reduce the Amount of Caffeine in Coffee?

a cup of black coffee placed on a wooden table

“But first, coffee” – does this describe your mornings? For most people, coffee is an integral part of our morning routine. However, if a high dependency on caffeine is affecting your daily activities, it is a sign that it’s time to look for a solution. Whether it’s for health reasons or simply a desire for […]

5 Coffee Desserts to Perk You Up

two cups of tiramisu

Coffee in desserts is a subtle yet satisfying culinary art, bringing richness without being too overwhelming. Its aromatic, slightly bitter edge elevates the flavours from a one-dimensional sweetness to a refined sophistication. If you enjoy your desserts with a caffeine kick, this collection of recipes from De’Longhi will be the perfect pick-me-up. Let’s dig in! […]

How to Choose the Best Bag of Coffee Beans Based on the Label

a bag of coffee beans on the ground

How do you normally choose your coffee beans? Do you simply rely on your roaster’s recommendations? Or do you have a go-to brand that you purchase without giving the label on the bag a second look? Get to know your coffee beans a little better next time by paying closer attention to its label—here’s how. […]

How to Prevent Under or Over Extraction?

espresso being extracted from a machine

Coffee extraction is the final, and one of the most important factors in determining whether your coffee tastes good, or not. While the extraction process may seem like a simple and straightforward step, controlling the variables can result in a big improvement for your coffee. If you want to brew the most flavourful and balanced […]

Brewing Pour Over Coffee: Top 8 Pro Tips

pouring hot water into a pour over from a gooseneck kettle

A common misconception about pour over coffee: pour hot water over coffee grounds, wait for the coffee to drip, and ta-da! A piping hot cup of delicious coffee! We hate to burst your bubble, but perfecting the pour over method requires some basic knowledge (and brewing time) to get the best cup of coffee. Let’s […]

Flat White vs Latte vs Cappuccino: What’s the Difference?

a cup of latte and cappucino

Beyond their serving size, there’s a big difference in the milk and foam content of a flat white, latte and cappuccino – which ultimately impacts the flavour of these popular styles of coffee beverage. We get down to the nitty-gritty of their unique qualities. The respective merits of a flat white, latte and cappuccino are […]

Which Coffee Roast is Best for My Brewing Method

coffee grounds on a filter paper

There are three main categories of coffee bean roasts – light, medium, and dark. The description will usually be found on your coffee bag label. Besides their colours, each roast presents varying taste notes, and shopping for the right type of roast for your brewing method makes a big difference. Here’s a complete guide on […]

Top Coffee Trends for 2021

coffee beans being roasted

The pandemic has impacted the way we drink coffee. The more we stayed home, the bigger our thirst for new coffee experiences grew. Here are some major coffee trends that will give your daily caffeine fix a boost in 2021. Coffee Subscription Services Having a coffee subscription service means you’ll always have a fresh supply […]

11 Common Mistakes You Probably Make When Brewing Coffee

coffee in a white cup

Crafting a perfect cup of coffee at home is actually easier than it seems. Nonetheless, there are some common mistakes that we can avoid, in order to improve and refine our coffee-making skills. Let’s learn the fundamentals of brewing while addressing 11 of the most common mistakes that homebrewers make. 1. Not Using Fresh Coffee […]