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Biomimicry: Inspired by Nature


In 105 CE, Cai Lun – a politician of the Han dynasty – invented a papermaking method using rags and other plant fibres in. But what’s truly fascinating is where he took his inspiration: from the way wasps and insects would build paper-like nests made from wood. This is just one example of “biomimicry”: the

Biomimicry: Inspired by Nature2018-09-27T10:15:22+08:00

Roasted in Vegetable Fat


Angkor Wat, the Tonle Sap Lake and rapid modernisation: these are probably some of the things that come to mind when you think about Cambodia. But travel further east towards Mondulkiri Province and you may discover a different Cambodia altogether. Mondulkiri is Cambodia's largest and also most sparsely populated province, but offers a unique setting

Roasted in Vegetable Fat2019-10-24T15:53:58+08:00

Beans for the Crazy Rich Asian


Fermentation, digestive tract and expensive coffee beans from Southeast Asia. As a coffee connoisseur, or simply a coffee enthusiast, you probably know where we are heading. Kopi luwak, or civet cat coffee. Typically sold at US$100 to US$500 (SG$137 to SG$684) per kilogram, kopi luwak was popularised from Indonesia and in Vietnam too, where it's sold as ca

Beans for the Crazy Rich Asian2018-09-18T10:23:13+08:00

Traditional vs Bean to Cup


When Nespresso and capsule coffee machines flooded the market, many die-hard coffee connoisseurs turned their noses up. Yes, these fancy devices were compact and – most importantly – convenient, but avid coffee drinkers felt they could never truly deliver when it came to taste and quality. The biggest disadvantage was being unable to pick the coffee

Traditional vs Bean to Cup2019-07-24T10:25:54+08:00

East Meets West Coffee Movement


Tucked in among factories and hardware shops in Bandar Sri Damansara, an industrial neighbourhood outside the Malaysian capital, is the Bean Expedition At Manufactory or BEAM. From the outside, it gives little indication of what goes on inside; you could be forgiven for thinking it processes legumes rather than specialty coffee. Despite the sleek, modern

East Meets West Coffee Movement2018-08-29T09:36:08+08:00

Thailand’s Specialty Beans


In the Golden Triangle region of Thailand, Doi Chang was once known for its opium production but since the 1980s farmers have been turning to arabica coffee plants, which have thrived in the rich soil and cool weather. Southeast Asia is home to remarkable treasures, including hilly areas that have proven fertile and rich beds to

Thailand’s Specialty Beans2018-08-20T09:46:43+08:00

Adventure Travel? Nah! Experiential Travel!


At one extreme of the tourism spectrum you have cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill tours where you do nothing but visit iconic sites and follow a flag-waving guide around. At the other end there’s “adventure travel”, which involves exploration with a certain degree of risk (think activities like trekking and surfing). The truth is, the demand for these

Adventure Travel? Nah! Experiential Travel!2018-08-13T14:41:01+08:00

Grinding Your Own Coffee: Size DOES Matter


You can have the highest quality coffee, the perfect roast and a great coffee machine, but still make bad coffee. Why, it’s all about the coffee grind size!

Grinding Your Own Coffee: Size DOES Matter2019-12-02T16:40:20+08:00

Moving Towards Smart Neighbourhoods


Smartphones, smart homes, smart cities – we’ve all heard of these terms before. The word “smart” here is generally used to refer to things and spaces with advanced, high-tech features. But smart neighbourhoods? That’s a new one. While the global focus is currently on smart cities, urban planners are looking at implementing and developing smart

Moving Towards Smart Neighbourhoods2018-08-01T13:51:49+08:00