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How to be a boss


You've probably heard the term “lean in” – it has definitely achieved buzzword status. But do you know what it means and where it originated from? Taken from the 2013 book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, written by Facebook's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, it’s a clarion call encouraging women to be

How to be a boss2019-01-02T10:09:04+08:00

What to do if you’re bored of Countdown Parties


New Year’s Eve is just around the corner – time to start planning how you’re going to ring in 2019! So what will it be: elbowing your way through crowds at countdown parties or watching the fireworks from the comfort of your couch? But maybe neither the usual wild night out nor a cozy night

What to do if you’re bored of Countdown Parties2018-12-24T09:27:17+08:00

First, Second, Third, and Fourth Wave of Coffee?


As one of the top-10 most consumed beverages in the world, coffee is more than just a drink; an entire culture has developed around it. Yet, many of us are unaware quite how this coffee culture has evolved over the years to what we see today. Experts often describe these advancements as coffee “waves”. Interestingly,

First, Second, Third, and Fourth Wave of Coffee?2019-10-24T15:37:03+08:00

The Ultimate Coffee Lust List


We all have a friend who can’t function without a good cup of coffee. With the holiday season just four weeks away, we’ve come up with a selection of gifts that will be sure to wake up even the most hardened caffeine addict on Christmas morning. Coffee grinder Coffee grinders are used to extract

The Ultimate Coffee Lust List2019-11-29T11:40:50+08:00

Solo Traveling: A Guide for Newbie Wanderlusters


It’s commonplace these days to see or hear about your friends’ solo adventures, be it through their stories or Instagram posts with the hashtags “wanderlust”. However, for many people the idea of solo traveling – being in a foreign land without the linguistic skills to communicate, or the know-how to get around – is daunting.

Solo Traveling: A Guide for Newbie Wanderlusters2018-11-21T15:00:20+08:00

Backpackers vs Glampackers


“Staycation”, “minimoon”, “slow travel”: there are so many travel buzzwords floating around these days that it’s hard to keep up. Surely you’re familiar with classic terms like “backpacker” and “glamping”, but have you heard of the “glampacker”? If you live to travel, chances are you either fall under the backpacker category or the glampacker bunch.

Backpackers vs Glampackers2019-10-24T15:35:50+08:00

Kapeng Barako: The Endangered Philippine Liberica


In the Philippines, coffee is the most consumed beverage after water. A 2015 study by research firm Kantar Worldpanel found that coffee is a staple drink for Filipinos, who have shifted from being moderate to heavy coffee drinkers. This probably isn’t a surprise for those in metro Manila and other urbanised areas, which are chock-full

Kapeng Barako: The Endangered Philippine Liberica2019-10-15T15:51:04+08:00

Kintamani Coffee: The Balinese Brew of a Spiritual Kind


Think of Indonesian coffee and chances are the first thing that comes to mind is kopi luwak, aka civet coffee made from beans plucked from the faeces of Asian palm civets. But there are bigger, more popular varieties that originate from Indonesia, particularly from a region named Kintamani in everyone’s favourite island getaway: Bali. Kintamani

Kintamani Coffee: The Balinese Brew of a Spiritual Kind2019-10-24T15:47:40+08:00

Coffee: Flavours of Indonesia


From Bali Kintamani to Mandheling, there’s much to explore and savour in the world of Indonesian coffee. And the culture behind Indonesia’s coffees is much like the colours on an artist’s palette: each region has single-origin coffees that exhibit vibrant and distinctive tasting notes. Indonesia has a storied love affair with coffee, which dates back

Coffee: Flavours of Indonesia2019-11-19T17:46:13+08:00

Mellower Coffee: The Chinese brand that made it big


Competing in a cutthroat environment and establishing a specialty coffee cafe in a big city is one thing, but focusing on specialty coffee and turning your brand into an international one? Now, that’s a tall order. It seems though, that Mellower Coffee has managed to do just that (and more) and has come a long way

Mellower Coffee: The Chinese brand that made it big2019-10-24T15:51:45+08:00